Built Skin

In the framework of the EUmies Awards 2022 exhibition in Bozar, Creative Europe and Fundació Mies van der Rohe present a lecture by Lacol arquitectura cooperativa, emerging winners of the 2022 award. It will be followed by the documentary “Built Skin”, the presentation of the EUmies Awards 2022 publication and a conversation on architecture today.

The event will take place on 22 September at 19:00h, in Salle Musique de Chambre, Bozar, Brussels.

Lacol arquitectura cooperativa are the architects of the La Borda cooperative housing project in Barcelona. La Borda’s commitment to a community model opposed to the more traditional public or private promotions has made it possible to overcome some major limitations that are imposed on architectural projects. The model in this project and others that they are developing, works through self-promotion, right of use, community life, sustainability and affordability, and it has an impact in local policies.

The documentary presents the jury members during their discussions on the 532 works that they had in front of them at the start of the process. Travelling to see the finalist works brought up many new questions and answers, in conversation with the authors of these works and finally a decision on the winners. Yvonne Farrell from Grafton architects said, “Our skin is the membrane between the universe and ourselves. Architecture is built skin; the physics of culture.”. The documentary takes its name from this quote and arises questions related to judging architecture, which aspects should a prize highlight, and which stories the decisions explain, among many others.

Together with the documentary, the 500-page book will be presented. All the works are sorted alphabetically, from A to Z, by the name that their authors or clients decided to give them. Two more entries are added to this arrangement: the names of all the cities, towns, or places where these architectural works are located and each of the names of the authors’ studios. It is a format that offers a compact and synthetic arrangement, enabling intuitive reading and research.

An event to make architecture accessible to everybody.

Register here: Built Skin with Lacol arquitectes.

More information here: Lecture by Lacol arquitectes – EUmies Awards 2022 | Bozar Brussels